Phần mềm này rất tuyệt, hướng dẫn bạn viết từ nét đầu tiên đến nét cuối cùng của từng chữ tiếng Trung.
Tuy nhiên, bạn nên thành thạo tiếng Anh trước khi muốn sử dụng phần mềm này.

Main PageThe Main Page displays the character currently in Learning List - the subset of the total 1000 characters that are current being learned.
  • The Learning List Status windows displays the Learning List statistics including the number of character successfully learned.

By clicking on an individual character in the Learning List a summary of its meaning and pronunciations is displayed in the Selected Word Details window. See the "Character Summary" screenshot to the right.The Main Page also provides access to:
  • the Learning List Manager;
  • the Character Review Window;
  • the six exercises; and
  • the Stroke Order Window.

Interactive help is also displayed based on the position of the mouse. Further help is available by clicking the "Help" button.
In addition to character details, the "Character Summary" display also shows which exercises need to be correctly answered in order to graduate the character off the Learning List.
Character Details PopupDouble clicking on a Chinese character in the main window Learning List list brings up a popup displaying the details of the character including:
  • Meaning;
  • Pinyin Pronunciation;
  • Strokes Details; and
  • Radical Information

Learning List ReviewThe Learning List Review windows displays all the details of each character currently in the Learning List. Details include:
  • The Stroke Order of the character with animation;
  • The character's meanings;
  • The character's pinyin pronunciation; and
  • Up to four examples of the use of each character .

Meaning MultiChoiceAfter reviewing the Learning List, the characters are tested through a series of exercises. Only after each exercise is completed correctly for a character does it graduate off the learning list and is replaced by the next character .The Multiple Choice Exercise - select the meaning corresponding to the character displayed.
Pronunciation MultiChoiceThe Pronunciation Multiple Choice Exercise - select the pinyin pronunciation corresponding to the displayed character.
Pronunciation Tones ExerciseThe Pronunciation Tones Exercise - select the tone corresponding to the displayed pronunciations corresponding to the displayed character.
Grid Search ExerciseThe Grid Search Exercise - select the correct character corresponding to the displayed meaning, or pinyin pronunciation.

Stroke Order ExerciseThe Stroke Order Exercise - use the mouse to select the start of the stroke in the order in which they are draw.NOTE: Only the start of each stroke should be clicked.
Stroke Order PracticeThe Stroke Order Practice feature illustrates how to write the Chinese characters. This feature has three modes:
  • Show Stroke Order - show the character's stroke order with numbered strokes;
  • Animation - illustrates the way that a character is draw by animation
  • Practice Stroke - allows the user to practice writing the character with the mouse.

Learning List ManagerThe Learning List Manager allows words to be moved on and off the Learning List.By moving words on and off the Learning List the size of the Learning List can be permanently changed.

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